How to raise year-old child without shouting and punishment
  Examples of marketing research appliances electronics, computers, office equipment, communications equipment, automotive products. He lived for two years civil marriage broke up December 1, world AIDS day. Do you want to get married? I…

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Late children
the child's Birth, during puberty and even extinction of active life, the problem is not only physiological. Successfully trekked through the medical maze, conceived and makes giving birth, new parents should not breathe a sigh…

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Teach the child the basics of greed - in 2 years?
My son is very quite stingy. He can "pinch" some sort of toy, if right now plays with it or it is really going to play with it. But quietly worried if someone on the…

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How to raise children without screaming


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In Russia still see a psychologist, a dentist, who only then go about where to buy the book: I. I conceived this article a long time ago, when I heard about Norway Russian woman has selected G. 2001 without the world is full. 2000 to raise how to raise children without shouting husband is going to adopt a baby( babies), us.

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Teach children to respond


Hearing plays a significant role in the development of the child. With the help of hearing child learns to recognize the voices, to imitate sounds and, therefore, to speak. In addition, the hearing gives the child the opportunity to hear the danger signals, to navigate, to communicate with other children and to acquire communicative skills. Hearing is more than just one of the senses; hearing plays an important role in shaping the behavior and character of the child.

In the last decades, scholars have convincingly demonstrated the need for early diagnosis and assistance to children with hearing impairment. It is believed that in the period up to three years may provide the most effective assistance in the development of speech and hearing in deaf and hard of hearing children. Therefore, infants should be actively working on the development of auditory perception and speech.

An important condition for the full development of hard of hearing kid is hearing AIDS. The emergence of a large selection of different models of hearing AIDS and cochlear implantation has significantly expanded the possibility of early development Continue reading

Why men gets up in the morning?


Erections that occur during night and morning hours, explained by the special status of the male sexual organ. Thanks to the spontaneous flow of blood, the phallus is greatly increased in size.

A full bladder

Disturbing many young men the question of why the guys standing with the morning dick, earlier explained the cause of fullness in the bladder, which feeds this signal into the spinal centre. When irritation of the active points is at maximum, it then goes to the neighboring areas, where is the center of erection. As a result, the penis becomes agitated. Numerous medical research in the field of urogenital confirmed the falsity of such statement.

Among youth there is another way of answering the question of why the guys is from morning sexual organ. The reason for this can be seen in dreams, wearing the erotic nature. In practice it turns out that not all people have dreams, and if they have, it’s something they can be associated with completely different events. However, a morning erection for men is still there.

This is normal

Often the question of why the guys in the morning is the member that bothers parents of teenagers and younger boys. Morning erections seem to adults to be a kind Continue reading

the Development and education of children


Stage 1. Formation. This is the stage for the vast number of people determines their development and destiny. This stage is characterized by active programming of the mind of a person (child, teenager) from outside — first of all his parents, friends and social environment (kindergarten, school, street, University, etc.).It is the stage of formation largely determines the person will be in life strong and successful (if with mentors and authority figures in my childhood were lucky) or be a wimp and a loser (if copied from parents and environment are just negative, weakness and inability). Who had studied! Parental personality programming — automatic (subconscious and conscious) a copy of the child’s consciousness worldview, beliefs, habits, reactions and way of life of the parents. Copying can be either direct (if your child takes the parent as the authority) and the mirror, on the opposition (when the child accepts the parent who sees a negative example and decide for yourself “so don’t want, I will do the opposite”).

Social programming personality — influence on the human consciousness of the environment: school (friends, teachers), the University, Continue reading

How to raise children, our great-grandparents!

The education of children in Russia has long been surrounded by a variety of beliefs, rituals and traditions.

Many centuries ago, as now, the parents wanted to protect their children, to educate their hardworking and polite, to teach literacy. His gaze was our ancestors and to questions of discipline. Centuries later, some of the ancient rituals seem strange, but the rules of parenting is inappropriate, sometimes wild.

But interest in them remains, to this day, and the echoes of ancient traditions often live in modern families.

Families in Russia were great, lived whole genera. The hierarchy is maintained. The indisputable authority of the father was fixed in the minds of the people until it was believed that if a man “not educate” (i.e., not talking) households, he neglects his duties and condemnable. The children were supposed to gratefully accept the counsel of their parents and in any case do not resist them.

Views on the education of children in Ancient Russia were, from a modern point of view, is very peculiar. Childhood was considered the only source from which to develop all the qualities of an adult. Talking about this Russian proverb: “Knowledge in childhood Continue reading

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